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To the aspiring entrepreneur/business owner that never had success doing online marketing:

We've all been there, in fact, some of us have went there and went back to ground zero multiple times... That's me.

For those that don't know me, I've failed 7 online businesses, the last one, wiping me down to a mere $30 in my bank account and stripped me completely off hope.

I remember how it was like, to not be able to generate an income no matter how much you banged your head against to wall. It was like a curse mark that was embeded in my skin that said "Thou Shalt Not Succeed".

It was true... I remember making over $40,000+ in revenue from my online E-commerce business but my take home profits were a mere $400 in 3 months. It was pathetic.

And I really never had the kind of success that any of you would dream of having.


It had felt as if all was lost till I decided that I was going to give things one last shot.

I put my last $30 (and borrowed over $1000+ from my friends) to start this new "online PR marketing agency"... and within a few months, I hit the $50,000/mo mark.

There's Only One Question You Need To Ask Yourself Before You Bother to Scroll Any Further Down:

Are you tired of waking up in your bed every morning and asking yourself, what would you do for yourself and your business today?

Are you really achieving your full potential, and giving it your all to better yourself?

Would you give up, if it meant that you were going to achieve the dream that you would want to achieve?

The Top Few Reasons As To Why Any Online Marketing Campaign FAILS MISERABLY:

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It doesn't work like clockwork. See, a lot of people's campaigns involve certain "hit-or-misses". It sometimes doesn't do THIS right or THAT right... Therefore the whole thing fails!

Joel Chin logo number 2 signifying that people are too busy to do anything

You as a business owner or entrepreneur, is working WAYYYY too hard trying to do too many things running this business. This is what I call: Working IN the business instead of ON the business

Joel Chin logo number 3 showing that downturns are the new upturns

Not forward looking enough. Most business owners are too busy trying to fix this and that issue, and at the end of the day, fail to accomplish anything. That's why they fail during their marketing - No clear focus,

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